Boracay Sand Art cost 50php for unlimited shot

Here are the photos from our Boracay trip, the place we spent our first days of being husband and wifey. It was fun and exciting to travel together by ourselves especially an out of town trip because we seldom travel alone when we were gf-bf. I am hoping to travel around world with him soon, right hun? Haha Ipon ka na? Anyways, we had fun, that is for sure! I love the activities we tried. Our days in the island is not enough, one day we will go back and explore the other islands in Boracay.

Snorkeling time with my hubby - Included in island hopping

Snorkeling is one of the activities you should try. However, our experience made us not finish the activity. Hahaha Because we boozed up the night before so we had a slight hangover during the morning. We woke up early for the activity. Little did we know, we were with a bunch of Koreans in the boat plus few other nationalities. It took us a few good minutes staying in the boat then we felt seasickness after our snorkeling session. 

The clear water of Boracay

Crystal Cove

The time we realised that we need to go back to the hotel or else we are going to blow up anytime by then. Dizziness was really kicking in really hard. We were ticking time bombs. Lol We told the guy in charge of the boat that we can't continue anymore. However, he is convincing us to stay and finish the island hopping. Infairness kay koya, mabait sya. He told us that on the next island, we can use a tricycle to reach our hotel but before we headout; he insisted us to have a lunch. It was a buffet that's included in our island hopping. Pork bbq, fish, enselada, rice and fruits were served. We ate too much and decided to go back o the hotel. Food wins. Haha Just an advise, don't drink the night before your island hopping. hahaha Very bad idea.

Fine sand it is


The entrance of crystal cove, it has an additional entrance fee if you want to explore inside. We just stayed outside and rest our spinning heads on the side of the beach.

Somewhere out there

Next, we tried parasailing. Kudos to my hubby, who has a fear of heights and he still went with me. He was close to backing out but he changed his mind. He faced his fear. Yay! 

I can now cross out parasailing on my bucket list. Yay! I hope someday I will able to try skydiving before I get old.

My happy hubby - happy because it is all over. Hahaha He conquered his fear at the same time.

Payat namin. Shet.


The beauty of sunset

I will never get tired waking up with this guy. Yesss naman!

This was me 20 lbs lighter. Haha kainis bilis ko tumaba 

White sand

Tourist pose

The mini stores are selling different kinds of souvenir items like keychains, magnets, shirts or anything that can remind us about Boracay.

Overall experience, bitin much. I am hoping to visit again here in Boracay. 
This was the view we saw when we arrived. Wonderful! I think we stayed on the 5th or 4th room with pool access from the right side.

Oh the BEACH!

Receiving Area

Time to check in

Our room with extra bed for our bags. hahaha


Mini liquors and noodles (the overpriced items)

Bathroom with shower

The view from our Balcony

So niceeee!!

Love ko talaga yun room namin, hahaha

The Breakfast buffet - they have fruits, sweets...

sandwiches, breads, biscuits, juices...

Salad station

Heavy Breakfast for the big day ahead

The Verdict:

This is my first time to visit island called Boracay. I have no idea where to stay and which station is better but with the help of my friend Dale, who has a travel agency. He was the one managed our honeymoon in just a short span of time with a discounted rate. Thank you so much twin sister! Hahaha He just gave us some few options then everything is set. Woot woot! So after the wedding, we just rest a few days to figure something out then poof! Our adventure begins in Boracay. 

The Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort is located at station 3. Well, we decided it is much better if we excluded ourselves from the crowd. It was a success! I love the place, far from the party area, quiet and relaxing. We were surprised that our room has a pool access on its balcony. Hihi I am totally a happy kid. I do not have a negative comment with this hotel. All of the staffs were polite and very accommodating even if some of them were having a hard time to express themselves with Tagalog because their main dialect is Bisaya. Moreover, the buffet breakfast was good. they offered different choices almost everyday. We enjoyed every morning we wake up. haha The drinks also were good, if you will try their cocktails for a night and too lazy to go to the bar outside the hotel just like us. We ordered some mojitos and beers. Then, go for a night swim too. They also have fire dancers and live bands during the night. No need to go far.

Just a minor detail, the front of the beach on their side has a lot of boats. Unlike the other stations, they have less boats or in our local terms banka in their shore. They have a better place to swim. However, you can just walk to station 1 and 2 to have a better view. I remember one more thing, the internet connection was a little slow. But who needs internet connection if you will stay in a place like Boracay. Hello! be with the nature ;) 

Our rate for this hotel will be
4.5 out of 5 stars

Will I recommend this place? HELL YEAH! 

For more details:

Address: Station 3, Sitio Angol Road Boracay Island, Malay Aklan 5608 Philippines

The Lobby - the place is artsy 

Checking out - Reception

It was Christmas season back then

Curtain mode -  the room is oh so bright

Our bed - only 2 of my friends stayed with me. Some of them went home after party.

Look at the place, hahaha too much trash (Sorry for the not so neat post hahahaha)

The television

The Verdict:

My friends were the one responsible for the reservation of this room. They surprised me with my bachelorette mean girls party last December here. It was a wholesome event. Hahaha The room was spacious. We have more space to play random games. It has a receiving arrive with sofas, mini kitchen, bathroom and of course! the bedroom. It is like a condominium with one bedroom that was the set up of our room. The photos provided was after the party (so it is a little untidy). The security of the hotel was strict so if you will have a surprise thingy with this hotel, don't forget to instruct them immediately. Hahaha

The location of the hotel is like a hidden gem in Makati. It took us a little hard to locate it. However, the hotel is surrounded with different restaurants and bars. If you are looking place for place to be drunk and you can't even go home. This a nice place to stay and chill the next day. 

I will rate this hotel with
4 stars out of 5 stars

For more details:
Address: 4687 Santiago Street Cor. Valdez and Singian Streets, Makati City Philippines, 2981
Contact No.: +632 224 3000

Monasterio de Tarlac 

Last year, we joined another pilgrimage in our church community. It was one of the far visita iglesia I have ever done but it was worth it as always. On the photo above, in Monasterio de Tarlac they have a replica of Rio's Christ Redeemer. No need to go far to have a photo like that one, just visit Tarlac.

Inside Monasterio de Tarlac, I am not sure if it is a chapel.

The view is breathtaking. =) Nature is LOVE.

I ❤ Monasterio de Tarlac signage

Our next stop, Our Lady of Manaog Church in Pangasinan

Candles -  as much as possible we light candles in every church

Our Lady of Manaog

It is open to public to touch or to hold the statue of Our Lady of Manaog. Everyone can have moment with it. Knee and touch and pray for your intentions.

St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish - Mapanda, Pangasinan

Inside the church

San Pedro y San Pedro Church - Calasiao, Pangasinan

I don't have a photo inside the church. I think we were on a hurry during those time.

St. John The Evangelist Cathedral - Dagupan, Pangasinan

Inside the church -  this the last stop for our station of the cross and we attended a mass.

It is a nice experience going to the different churches for station of the cross with our community or with our family. It feels like a renewal of faith. Getting to know yourself and a spiritual journey towards God. It feels good to know and to talk to people with their stories on how they are very thankful with God and how they have changed because of their faith. This holy week start your own tradition with your family by going to different churches and pray the station of the cross. As what they say, the family that prays together stays together. A little advise, don't forget to bring bottles of cold water, food and a few prayer books during the trip. Another one, plan it ahead of time. 

 List of Churches:

  • Monasterio de Tarlac 
  • Our Lady of Manaog Church in Pangasinan
  • St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish - Mapanda, Pangasinan
  • San Pedro y San Pedro Church - Calasiao, Pangasinan
  • St. John The Evangelist Cathedral - Dagupan, Pangasinan