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I ♥ HK

Monday, June 08, 2009


Fresh from HK and swine flu. I'm back and ready to vocalize my adventure in HK.


Day 1 - June 05,2009

I woke up around 8am. Good morning sunshine. It was a sunny day. Thank God! Moreover,I am excited to travel. It was my first time to ride an airplane. I never thought that 1 day, I'll go to another country. Fun. Nerve cracking experience! Full of 1st times. Together with my mom and sister, we rode a cab to go to the airport. Check-in. Waited for sometime. Gosh! Sakit pa ng tummy ko. Hindi ko lam if I'm excited, nervous or just in bad luck. haha. Inside the plane, I was feeling sick. The rain started to pour and I was a lil scared. Our flight was delayed due to the heavy rain and wind. I dunno what to do. I just sat and waited again to take off. Suddenly, the plane started to move again. It was time to fly. Nahilo nga ko dahil may mga forms na pinafilled up. :)) Hindi ko na lang pinahalata. Buti na lang the food was serviced I immediately ate my food. Dinaan ko na lang sa kain ang nararamdaman ko. After, a few hours. We arrived at the HK international airport. Amazing! It was huge. Kinabahan pa ko sa check ng body temperature pero so far so good. Wala naman naging problem. The bus fetched and dropped us at the B.P. International Hotel, where we stayed for a few days, we saw my Uncle slash Ninong. He was waiting for us for almost an hour, he was our tour guide. We got our keys for our room. Then, start for our mission to have fun. wooh! We went to Prudencial bldg. to buy the ballet shoes of my sister. Unfortunately, it was close. We went to Star cruise, Harbour City and Mongkok to eat, shop, take photos and roam around. We rode a taxi, tramp, double decker bus and mtr. By the way, my Ninong gave me a present para sa years nya na utang. He also bought me sneackers. Yey!

Day 2 - June 06,2009

I woke up around 7am. Took a bath and ate breakfast. *take note: Buffet* We needed energy for the day ahead. My ninong arrived around 10 am. With Tita Ella and her husband, mom and sis, here we go! Exploring the streets of HK again. We went to Queensway to buy the ballet shoes, it was the only ballet store that was open that day. Super commute kami, it was fun. The environment was Oh-So-Clean! Tramp, taxi, Train. Central station to eat lunch at Jolibee. The Filipinos was all over the place. *punong-puno* I can say the Jolibee here in the Philippines taste much better. We went to Peak Tower. It was high! I saw the top view of HK. When it was time to go down, the tramp was in reverse mode. Nakatalikod. *nahilo ako* hahaha Tramp, Taxi, Mrt. The way to Disneyland. "Happiest Place on Earth" The train to disneyland was sooo cool. Hidden Mickeys everywhere. Love it. @Disneyland... It was hot. 32 degrees celcius. Damn! We saw mickey and minnie. We ran as fast as we can to line up. *excited* A little while, the parade started. Water works, so it means. Mambabasa sila. Lagi na lang may basaan nagaganap pag andun ako. tsk. Awsome. I almost saw all the disney characters. We rode to different rides. Having enjoyment was never been this good. yeah. I saw the breathtaking fireworks of disneyland. *speechless* I felt like a kid again. hehe

Day 3 - June 07,2009

Goodbye Hong Kong! I hope someday I can return and visit my other relatives evenmore.

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  1. Haven't tried Jollibee in HK. Hehe. It's in Central, right? :)

    I also love Disney! Mickey and Minnie. :)


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