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Rainy Days

Monday, June 01, 2009

Rainy Days

Right now, it's raining! Actually, I love rainy days. Especially if I am just at home sleeping, watching tv, eating or blogging like what I am doing now. I love the cold weather. I always feel at home. I like to roll on the sheets of my bed over and over again until I fell asleep. *adik lang* Sarap ng feeling. Masaya na ko sa ganun. I also love reading books or magazines pag ganito ang weather. Love it! Relaxing. Peaceful. Maya tulog ka na ulit. *hahaha* On the otherhand, when I am somewhere else and it's pouring like cats and dogs. Yan ang ayaw ko, flood! Eww... Very gross. I might get sick or stuck on traffic for hours. Sakit na ng pwet mo kakaupo. Badtrip kaya yung ganung moment. I am sure this rainy season again, I'll experience it. No doubt. No choice. No another way. Buhay commuter sadyang ganyan. Masaya kung may kadamay ka, kaso wala e. Solong solo ko ang experience na ganyan. How sad, laughtrip sana kung my friend ka kasama. Okey sa alright pag ganun. Tsk. Wala talaga. Think of this, with matching heels and skirt, the agony! Dagdag sa kahirapan. *Gosh!* If I am home, feels like heaven. But outside your house feels like hell. Enjoy until it's vacation. Wala panghirap. :D

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