Another Unfortunate Events

Sunday, June 28, 2009

- I was late. Later on, I fell...

Friday - I asked the wrong guy...

This is James. The dream guy of my friend.
Too bad she wasn't with us that day.
He was not the the wrong guy I asked. Iba.
Laughtrip lang talaga ang araw na eto.

- I was shot by a water gun by this little boy early in the morning!

What could I ask for more?? Shameful days of my life. Grabe. *kapal na ng face ko from now on* This week my emotions are like roller coaster. Up. Down. Round. Loop. Fast. Woooh! What a ride. I feel weird typing those words. I dunno. I want to stop. I want to start a new kind of life with this thingy. I erased. I removed names. Begin a clutted free life. Will I survive? or die from wondering?


A scene from Transformers 2

I have a lesbian crush on Megan Fox. She is sssooo DAMN HOT! Yikeess! hahaha. A kind of girl that is too hot to handle. How could a guy make her stay? Her deep blue eyes twinkle everytime I see it. Plus a body that no one can have. Only me! *joke* I like her. I'll be her number one fan. Someone told me, she has a lot of tatoos. So I googled it. He is right. A little wondering, Why did she do some tatoo in her effin hot body. A lil disgrace. No. Sayang kase ang dumi tingnan, kalat yun tatoos nya. tsk. She also has an ugly thumb, I heard it from the radio. This DJ compared it with a toe. haha I guess, all of us have a lil imperfection after all. But it won't change my admiration to this gal.

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