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New Look

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I want to have a haircut. I'm very excited to have one. I'm thinking if it will be short or medium length, with side bangs or full bangs. I can't decide. I never felt so excited in my entire life to have a haircut. Usually, I'm scared to change. Now, I'm very ready. I'm embracing change. Besides, my hair is too long, too dry and not so curly. I'm missing combing my hair. It was almost 1 year that I don't use brush. I miss it badly. I'm also tired of shampooing my oh-so-long-hair. It's length for now is near my waist. Gosh! It's been my first time to have a length that long. *nakakasawa pala* Especially, if its too dry. *huhuhu* I think my only solution is to have a haircut. See the pictures? I'm imagining my hair to be like that after my haircut. I hope it will be in good condition. I need to have a good result. What will be my look? Will it be blant or daring or ordinary? I can't wait. Wooh. I dunno. *hahaha* My blood is rushing fast due to over thinking or just overjoyed. I don't have enought money, one other problem. Maybe after June, I'll have this new look. I need to save a lot. A LOT of money. One word, ALLOWANCE. *sana pasukan na!* So I can do what I want in my freaking dry hair. :))

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