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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

see (sē)

transitive verb saw, seen, seeing see′·ing

-to get knowledge or an awareness of through the eyes; perceive visually; look at; view
-to visualize as though present; picture
-to have personal knowledge of; experience; witness
-to look over; inspect; examine

Before my motto is "To see is to Believe". I guess Its been part of my life. Every time I see something weird is going on, I prepare myself from the heartaches and distress that could happen in my life. At this moment, I'm shock. I'm shrinking. I felt the world became too large. This is ridiculous. I've seen what I've should not be seeing. I'm paying the consequences. At least, I know. It would not be hard to neglect intentionally the sentiments. I'm so mindless. I realize I'm plunging into deep responds of emotions. This is illogical. Unacceptable. Why I am always trapped by the lies of mankind? I am worn-out. I thought it has a chance. Things naturalize, we can't control it. I will trust my instinct. I will wait for my turn. One day, it will come. No more deception. No more antics. Just plain truth. But then again, I will ceaselessly remember believing is to see.

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