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Unlucky Day

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes, UNLUCKY! What a day. It annoyed me. It hurted me. It embarassed me. Big time! First, I was late for my first class and too early for my second class. I missed the lessons. Second, I fell asleep in our class. I was too drowsy. It's hard to pretend that you're listening, if you're too full to function. It was afternoon, so what do you expect. Right?!

One more thing...

"When the days are keen,
It waken my senses,
My emotions wants to be seen.
Yet scared of the unknown.
No one cluch when I fall.
It was a huge mistake.
I retrieved my fall and I stand tall.
To replenish my name and forget about
their sake.
It bruised my heart,
to know the truth.
But I prefer to be
calm and smooth."
I didn't expect that. I felt like I'm in gradeschool again. *Embarassing* There is nothing I can do but to laugh things out. To say I'm alright. I'm good. I'm touch to the people, who help me stand still. It left some bruise. Soon it will be gone. I'm still in pain but I'll get over with it soon. Third, three hours of seating in the bus. Super traffic. On the other hand, I'm thankful I have a companion. I was surprise to see him again after a while. Even though, I wanted to sleep. I controlled my sleepiness and started chit chatting with my friend. It was cool because pumunta pa sya sa Manila all the way from Cavite para sabayan ako pauwi. Wow. With matching free fare pa?! Ayos. *sweet* When I arrived here,(andito ako ngyon. so kanina lang lahat yan) may videoke. It means practice makes perfect. :)) Concert even though our neighbors wanted to throw tomatoes and eggs on me. I don't care. It's their problem, not mine. I'm doing this to release all the tension on my head.

Good Night!

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