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In Line

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes, I know. LINE. The main topic is line. Did you ever imagined waiting for a line that never moves for quite a while? It takes forever to go on? It was almost seven hours of waiting? DAMN! My friends have done that a little while ago. I think after our first class they hurriedly went down to fall in line. So I checked them and told them to save some space for us. For we have a meeting with our moderator in JPCS(Junior Philippine Computer Society). Two hours went by, we checked them and still they were in the same position. Kumain muna kami ng lunch plus chit chatting. Another hour went by, we checked them again. Gumalaw naman yun pila. Maybe a few inches. We stayed for a while. But we have to continue our meeting in SAO.

Serious meeting ang naganap. Planning of general assembly for CS/IT and other activities of JPCS. Google earth -Paulinian Edition. Website for CBM (College of Business and Management). Later on, we finished our discussion. We ended up browsing the multiply page of HOT MESS or bupie and likodnglente(hnd ko sure). Cool pictures! Nagkagulo pa nun low batt ang laptop ni Gian. Super hirap i-please. Nanakot pa sila sa mga password ekek. *long story* Another two and a half hours passed by, still they were in the line. My goodness. The line in the registral was ever so bagal. Sumingit pa kaming tatlo. I can't looked at the eyes of the people. haha *guilty conscience* We awaited for an hour or two, before the lady guard let us in. At least, nakapasok na. Payment na lang for tomorrow.

On our way home, a friend told me, she will get her picture with the metrostation in Ayala. Sumama ako. haha Gusto ko lang. May nangyari. Haba ng pila sa pabili ng card. Shit! Annoying but really funny. Eto pa MRT, baba na kami then there was this girl blocking our exit. BOOM! stamped. Super hirap lumabas. Mukang tanga un babae. Kakainis! In my almost four years in LRT, this situation never happened to me. SA MRT LANG. Dumating pa sa point na hinila na kami ng Guard palabas ng MRT because of the people who can't wait. Gez! Badtrip, when I saw a guy laughing at us. Pero natawa talaga ako nun I saw Jona coming out the MRT. Feeling ko I'll be left behind. haha Hinila din sya ng Guard. May isa pang humirit while pulling Jona, "Kailangan talaga may savior??". WTF?! natawa ako. *LOL* We went to picture city. Then, we went on our seperate ways. Adventure! :))

Chao. Bye bye! :)

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