He’s truly my first and greatest love. No one can change it. He made my life amazing and wonderful. It may seem to be ordinary but it has extraordinary events. I am thankful in His every single ways to make me feel ecstatic to live for another day. For the second life, for the second chances or for whatever He gave me. I’m so glad; life without Him is meaningless, blunt and incomplete. When I talked about God, I’m speechless. His goodness is amazing and unconditional. Because of my faith in Him, I was changed. I decided to become a better person with hope and perseverance. A life with God is a miracle. He find ways to make me feel better and be more positive in life. By recognizing your present, I always feel blessed and love. Thank you. I owe my life to you.

child of God

I remember the day I met you, it was my first day wearing my St. Paul uniform. Then, suddenly the LRT had a code yellow or code red, it means problem. I was really struggling wearing my uniform. Hahaha it was too girly and I need to be prime and proper, and I wasn’t like that. When I don’t know what to do and still figuring out how will I go to my school and I’m totally late for my first class. You showed up. Savior. It was really a blessing in disguise because I don’t know any alternative way. You came up to me and helped me. I’m just following you even though I don’t know your name. You even held my hand; I was like a lost kid, naive and uncertain in every action. Before I realize, it took me some time to ask your name. Funny though, I trusted you even I know nothing about you. Thank God for being kind and helpful. I can’t anymore recall your face or your name. However, this memory with you for a short period of time will last. Thank you!

someone thankful

Actually I can’t remember because I don’t usually make a promise. As they always say, “Promises are meant to be broken.”

Be strong. Never forget to pray. It can change everything. Just pray and trust God. If ever you want to talk to someone, I’m here. I’ll listen and I can be your shoulder to cry on. Cheer up! Everything will be alright have a little faith.

someone you can lean on
Seriously, I have a lot of fave memories, when I smile alone, sometimes random memories keep on flashing back again and again. I wish that I could still be there once more, reliving my life all over again without any regrets.

These are the person, who are special to me that every time I imagine if I’ll lost them, I get emotional and my life will be a wreck. Yes, total wreck. I can’t afford losing them both. I’m not an affectionate person I know, but I want to express my love to them, to her and to him. I want to thank them. I’m and always grateful that they have been part of my life. I miss them. I love them so much. It took me some time to move on with my life before. I might not be the sweetest person but I’m trying to be for them. I want them to be proud and tell their friends that I’m now a grown lady. No one can replace them in my life, even my friends. I always pray for them to have a good health and long life. I want them to see how I’m now. I hope they’ll see me successful with my career, with my life and with my family. It breaks my heart whenever I miss them and how seldom I see them. I always have time for them. ALWAYS. <3


You’re such a good kisser. Good job! Keep it up. Hahaha just kiddin. Nah, I dunno what to say. Hmmm.. Good luck! I love you.


Do you really need a second chance? Well, maybe yes. Lemme think… OKEY! I hope you don’t waste it. I admit, I’m a person full of walls like Great Wall of China. It may take me so long to trust you again but if you’re really willing to cross that wall just to prove me you deserve the chance well I’ll give it to you fair and squire. But once I doubt your intensions, it will be longer than you think. It depends on situations, but time heals. You will never know, what might happen. I’m always willing to give another chance just don’t take advantage of it. Next time, I suggest you try harder. Keep hoping and believing, soon it will be your chance to change what was destroyed before. Then, it’s time to let go of the past.

Basha =))
Dear someone,

I know, I’m guilty as charged. I guess I ‘m not the only one but mostly people do the same to other people. They judged the way they look, how they talk or how they act. For me, first impression really doesn’t last, because 80% of first impression is your or my own judgment especially for the new persons in our lives. I can’t help to think maybe he’s like that or like this but then again after few talks and get together events. Now I can say it’s all wrong. I judge him or maybe I judged you easy that I didn’t gave you the chance to reveal the real you. I’m so sorry. That’s why we should stop judging people easily, who are we to judge, only God has the privilege to judge everyone. Not you, not me nor not us. Next time let us be careful and avoid the same mistakes.

not a judge


I’ll tell you something, 3 words : 8 letters. “GO TO HELL!” hahaha joke. I’m happy now. I hope you’re not. Joke again.hehe Stop breaking hearts, it’s hard to mend someone’s heart. It may take days, months or even years so be careful please. It’s a fragile part of our human nature, always handle it with care.

To all naggers and who complains a lot,

One big letter F for you. Hahaha Go f*ck youselves! Sorry but it annoys me if someone nags about this and that then, keeps on complaining. I have an advice, go drown yourselves! Then, die! No one wants to hear your voice, complaining about everything and you keep on repeating it 45 million times a day. Geezz! Get a life! Seriously, once or twice is fine. Trice is tolerable but 45 million times is too much. Haha If you want change, so start acting than blurting words. Nothing will change if you’re motor mouth just keep on going. ACT deary. Is it clear?? Second, stop intervening with my life. I hate it. I have my own brains so I’ll use it to make my own decisions. Ok? Wag pakilamera. Hahaha


Future me,

As of now, I have no idea what I want in my life. I need a direction. I must find a path that I’ll enjoy. I’m still figuring out what the heck I’m doing here on this revolving universe. Sometimes, I’ll realize I am really clueless of what am I doing. Blah, blah ,blah – best words to describe my life right now. BLAH! It’s fun but there are days that I’m such a BLAH! An explainable feeling. A feeling I can’t surely explain.

However, time will reveal the missing parts of our lives. All prayers will be answered, if not, God has better plans for you, for us. Soon you’ll know what you want. Take it one step at the time. I’m still young as of now but maybe 10 years from now you’re the successful person you want to be. You have your own house, own car and own business. You’re good in what you’re doing so keep it up! I hope you have someone to spend your life with that time maybe I haven’t meet him or I haven’t realized it yet but soon, who knows. Life is so unpredictable. We love travelling so I’m sure you’ve been to many countries and places here in the Philippines. Never give up on exploring life. Sometimes, we need to pause for a break and look around and start appreciating every little blessing we received. Always have time for your family and for your friends and of course for God! Be thankful. Keep on praying, never stop.

Stay cheerful. Laugh out loud! Be adventures! Take a risk. No regrets. Patience is a virtue. Keep on believing and have faith. Stop hating, keep on loving. Watch out for your weight. Stop eating too much! Hahaha. Fight laziness! Run wild. Finally, less words more actions.

present me

Hi childhood friend,

My memories with you was still vivid in my mind. Let's go back to memory lane...

Years ago, during my nene days, he was one of my playmates. I'll see him in our neighborhood, everytime my great grandparents will fetched me from my parents' house. I'll just roam around in their compound especially in the afternoon. Then, we'll started playing. Water guns, fish ponds, bikes or whatever a child can think of how to play with. Yeah. I think we've done that. It was so happy days. Care free days. I have a confession to make. I have a little crush on him. :))) (landi mode bata pa lang) I could till remember the day that he smile on me, when I was on my way home (nasa tric pa ko noon, elementary pa lang ako). The day of my 7th birthday, I still have the gift he gave to me. OMG! a purple shirt with a small pocket and plaided prints on the lower part of the shirt. hahaha I dunno, why i still can't give it to others. haha Memorable eh. It was 13 years ago.

Now, I don't have any news from you. My last time I knew, you're in the US for migration. I guess you have your wonderful life out there. Take care. I'm thankful that you've been part of my childhood days. =)

your childhood playmate

To my relatives far far away,

Hello, what's up guys? I hope you're all okey. I'm fine here, don't worry about us. We loved to hear from you soon. Size 7 - shoes/ sandals/ flip-flops will do. hahaha sabay ganun. Basta ingat lang kayo lagi. We're looking forward sa pag uwi nyo at sa pasalubong nyo. Hurrayyyy! Miss na namin kayo.

your lovable kapuso/ kapamilya/ kabarkada
Missing person,

I miss you. I'm just wondering how busy are you in your life. I have a cellphone and of course you have yours but have you tried texting me? Have you tried to ask if I'm alright? If I'm not missing you? Geezz. We have facebook account and other ways to communicate why can't you do that. It's so easy.. Sometimes, I'm too tired to do the first move to reach out to you. Maybe, you don't want me no more in your life? What do you think? Too many answered question. But I'm still looking forward too see you soon. I miss u a lot. =)

someone missing you
To my long lost friends,

Especially to the ones I seldom talked to or we don't even have a communication with. I want to ask why? What happened? Maybe time just passed by so fast, we forgot each other. Sad. Whatever happens I'll be your friend till the end. Let's fill up the missing pieces of our lives. I'm ready to listen, talk, laugh or cry just like old times. I miss the days with you. I hope to see you soon.

someone you drifted apart
To All,

Sorry for everything. Please forgive me? whatever I've done. Thanks!

Someone seeking for forgiveness
To hate,

I despise your actions because it caused me pain, heartache, and shuttered dreams. You pushed me to a cliff without catching me. You let me fall. Then, you pretend you care until you slowly vanished into thin air. I’m injured. You left. This is me alone. Unsecured. Unloved. Confused. I was alone in this place of unknown. Imagining what if… why… or how it end up like this. Too much of uncertainty, I became too foolish to look out for answers. I kept on blaming myself… But I stop, then, the time let me realized, you made me strong. Unfortunately, I became allergic to bullshit. I itch everytime, they’re near me. I sneeze when they talk. Thanks to you. I know how to prevent a virus like you. P.S. I hate u no more. Acceptance is the key.