- I was late. Later on, I fell...

Friday - I asked the wrong guy...

This is James. The dream guy of my friend.
Too bad she wasn't with us that day.
He was not the the wrong guy I asked. Iba.
Laughtrip lang talaga ang araw na eto.

- I was shot by a water gun by this little boy early in the morning!

What could I ask for more?? Shameful days of my life. Grabe. *kapal na ng face ko from now on* This week my emotions are like roller coaster. Up. Down. Round. Loop. Fast. Woooh! What a ride. I feel weird typing those words. I dunno. I want to stop. I want to start a new kind of life with this thingy. I erased. I removed names. Begin a clutted free life. Will I survive? or die from wondering?


A scene from Transformers 2

I have a lesbian crush on Megan Fox. She is sssooo DAMN HOT! Yikeess! hahaha. A kind of girl that is too hot to handle. How could a guy make her stay? Her deep blue eyes twinkle everytime I see it. Plus a body that no one can have. Only me! *joke* I like her. I'll be her number one fan. Someone told me, she has a lot of tatoos. So I googled it. He is right. A little wondering, Why did she do some tatoo in her effin hot body. A lil disgrace. No. Sayang kase ang dumi tingnan, kalat yun tatoos nya. tsk. She also has an ugly thumb, I heard it from the radio. This DJ compared it with a toe. haha I guess, all of us have a lil imperfection after all. But it won't change my admiration to this gal.
Yes, UNLUCKY! What a day. It annoyed me. It hurted me. It embarassed me. Big time! First, I was late for my first class and too early for my second class. I missed the lessons. Second, I fell asleep in our class. I was too drowsy. It's hard to pretend that you're listening, if you're too full to function. It was afternoon, so what do you expect. Right?!

One more thing...

"When the days are keen,
It waken my senses,
My emotions wants to be seen.
Yet scared of the unknown.
No one cluch when I fall.
It was a huge mistake.
I retrieved my fall and I stand tall.
To replenish my name and forget about
their sake.
It bruised my heart,
to know the truth.
But I prefer to be
calm and smooth."
I didn't expect that. I felt like I'm in gradeschool again. *Embarassing* There is nothing I can do but to laugh things out. To say I'm alright. I'm good. I'm touch to the people, who help me stand still. It left some bruise. Soon it will be gone. I'm still in pain but I'll get over with it soon. Third, three hours of seating in the bus. Super traffic. On the other hand, I'm thankful I have a companion. I was surprise to see him again after a while. Even though, I wanted to sleep. I controlled my sleepiness and started chit chatting with my friend. It was cool because pumunta pa sya sa Manila all the way from Cavite para sabayan ako pauwi. Wow. With matching free fare pa?! Ayos. *sweet* When I arrived here,(andito ako ngyon. so kanina lang lahat yan) may videoke. It means practice makes perfect. :)) Concert even though our neighbors wanted to throw tomatoes and eggs on me. I don't care. It's their problem, not mine. I'm doing this to release all the tension on my head.

Good Night!

I'm tired of re-constructing my blog site. I want to have the comment box., So others can comment on my entry. I want this to be organize,
but I can't do it right. Tagboard is not enough. I'm not contented with it. Oh... well, I'll continue it next time. It's already late. I will wake up early in the morning tomorrow. I hope I won't be late. Yeah. My time was consumed by just doing this shit. Kainis. I've forgot to blog. tsk. Next time. OK?!

Good Night!

Yes, I know. LINE. The main topic is line. Did you ever imagined waiting for a line that never moves for quite a while? It takes forever to go on? It was almost seven hours of waiting? DAMN! My friends have done that a little while ago. I think after our first class they hurriedly went down to fall in line. So I checked them and told them to save some space for us. For we have a meeting with our moderator in JPCS(Junior Philippine Computer Society). Two hours went by, we checked them and still they were in the same position. Kumain muna kami ng lunch plus chit chatting. Another hour went by, we checked them again. Gumalaw naman yun pila. Maybe a few inches. We stayed for a while. But we have to continue our meeting in SAO.

Serious meeting ang naganap. Planning of general assembly for CS/IT and other activities of JPCS. Google earth -Paulinian Edition. Website for CBM (College of Business and Management). Later on, we finished our discussion. We ended up browsing the multiply page of HOT MESS or bupie and likodnglente(hnd ko sure). Cool pictures! Nagkagulo pa nun low batt ang laptop ni Gian. Super hirap i-please. Nanakot pa sila sa mga password ekek. *long story* Another two and a half hours passed by, still they were in the line. My goodness. The line in the registral was ever so bagal. Sumingit pa kaming tatlo. I can't looked at the eyes of the people. haha *guilty conscience* We awaited for an hour or two, before the lady guard let us in. At least, nakapasok na. Payment na lang for tomorrow.

On our way home, a friend told me, she will get her picture with the metrostation in Ayala. Sumama ako. haha Gusto ko lang. May nangyari. Haba ng pila sa pabili ng card. Shit! Annoying but really funny. Eto pa MRT, baba na kami then there was this girl blocking our exit. BOOM! stamped. Super hirap lumabas. Mukang tanga un babae. Kakainis! In my almost four years in LRT, this situation never happened to me. SA MRT LANG. Dumating pa sa point na hinila na kami ng Guard palabas ng MRT because of the people who can't wait. Gez! Badtrip, when I saw a guy laughing at us. Pero natawa talaga ako nun I saw Jona coming out the MRT. Feeling ko I'll be left behind. haha Hinila din sya ng Guard. May isa pang humirit while pulling Jona, "Kailangan talaga may savior??". WTF?! natawa ako. *LOL* We went to picture city. Then, we went on our seperate ways. Adventure! :))

Chao. Bye bye! :)

I came across this nice things about being single and would want to share it here. :) Got this from the multiply of my friend. Just want to share it with you.

"You can do whatever you darn well please."

"You can go out and flirt as much as your heart desires, without a worry in the world."

"You can have male friends without having to defend yourself and explain that nothing else is going on."

"No more checking with someone to see if 'it's okay' to tell someone yes or no to an invitation. You can accept on the spot."

"You can be happy with who you are, not who he wants you to be."

"You don't have to give yourself lame excuses for not devoting time to yourself."

"You can spend your paycheck on what you want."

"You don't have to worry if he will or won't call."

"No more arguments about things you can't explain."

I'm bored. It's 11:21 in the morning. I don't have anything to blog important right now. I am just sitting in front of the computer and thinking what should i be typing. I am hearing the sound of the television. I'm here at Cavite. Long weekend. as usual we should visit my family here. Classes will be starting on June 16. I can't explain if I'm going to be excited because I'll be seeing my friends or I'll be lazy to study again and wake up early in the morning. This year will be my last year in college. Gez! Seize the year. I'm nervous. Too many responsibilities. Too many stressful deadlines, I'm sure of it. I don't know. I can't stop thinking about the future. It is really big thingy for me. FUTURE. to be successful and to be an achiever. I want to prove something about myself. Now, I'll be focusing in the present. So what should I'll be doing after blogging?? It's hard. Infairness!!! Aha! I'll read a book. That's right. Reading. I'll be reading. Eat first before reading. It's Lunch time already. Ta-ta!!!

Chao. Till Next time!

see ()

transitive verb saw, seen, seeing see′·ing

-to get knowledge or an awareness of through the eyes; perceive visually; look at; view
-to visualize as though present; picture
-to have personal knowledge of; experience; witness
-to look over; inspect; examine

Before my motto is "To see is to Believe". I guess Its been part of my life. Every time I see something weird is going on, I prepare myself from the heartaches and distress that could happen in my life. At this moment, I'm shock. I'm shrinking. I felt the world became too large. This is ridiculous. I've seen what I've should not be seeing. I'm paying the consequences. At least, I know. It would not be hard to neglect intentionally the sentiments. I'm so mindless. I realize I'm plunging into deep responds of emotions. This is illogical. Unacceptable. Why I am always trapped by the lies of mankind? I am worn-out. I thought it has a chance. Things naturalize, we can't control it. I will trust my instinct. I will wait for my turn. One day, it will come. No more deception. No more antics. Just plain truth. But then again, I will ceaselessly remember believing is to see.

Fresh from HK and swine flu. I'm back and ready to vocalize my adventure in HK.


Day 1 - June 05,2009

I woke up around 8am. Good morning sunshine. It was a sunny day. Thank God! Moreover,I am excited to travel. It was my first time to ride an airplane. I never thought that 1 day, I'll go to another country. Fun. Nerve cracking experience! Full of 1st times. Together with my mom and sister, we rode a cab to go to the airport. Check-in. Waited for sometime. Gosh! Sakit pa ng tummy ko. Hindi ko lam if I'm excited, nervous or just in bad luck. haha. Inside the plane, I was feeling sick. The rain started to pour and I was a lil scared. Our flight was delayed due to the heavy rain and wind. I dunno what to do. I just sat and waited again to take off. Suddenly, the plane started to move again. It was time to fly. Nahilo nga ko dahil may mga forms na pinafilled up. :)) Hindi ko na lang pinahalata. Buti na lang the food was serviced I immediately ate my food. Dinaan ko na lang sa kain ang nararamdaman ko. After, a few hours. We arrived at the HK international airport. Amazing! It was huge. Kinabahan pa ko sa check ng body temperature pero so far so good. Wala naman naging problem. The bus fetched and dropped us at the B.P. International Hotel, where we stayed for a few days, we saw my Uncle slash Ninong. He was waiting for us for almost an hour, he was our tour guide. We got our keys for our room. Then, start for our mission to have fun. wooh! We went to Prudencial bldg. to buy the ballet shoes of my sister. Unfortunately, it was close. We went to Star cruise, Harbour City and Mongkok to eat, shop, take photos and roam around. We rode a taxi, tramp, double decker bus and mtr. By the way, my Ninong gave me a present para sa years nya na utang. He also bought me sneackers. Yey!

Day 2 - June 06,2009

I woke up around 7am. Took a bath and ate breakfast. *take note: Buffet* We needed energy for the day ahead. My ninong arrived around 10 am. With Tita Ella and her husband, mom and sis, here we go! Exploring the streets of HK again. We went to Queensway to buy the ballet shoes, it was the only ballet store that was open that day. Super commute kami, it was fun. The environment was Oh-So-Clean! Tramp, taxi, Train. Central station to eat lunch at Jolibee. The Filipinos was all over the place. *punong-puno* I can say the Jolibee here in the Philippines taste much better. We went to Peak Tower. It was high! I saw the top view of HK. When it was time to go down, the tramp was in reverse mode. Nakatalikod. *nahilo ako* hahaha Tramp, Taxi, Mrt. The way to Disneyland. "Happiest Place on Earth" The train to disneyland was sooo cool. Hidden Mickeys everywhere. Love it. @Disneyland... It was hot. 32 degrees celcius. Damn! We saw mickey and minnie. We ran as fast as we can to line up. *excited* A little while, the parade started. Water works, so it means. Mambabasa sila. Lagi na lang may basaan nagaganap pag andun ako. tsk. Awsome. I almost saw all the disney characters. We rode to different rides. Having enjoyment was never been this good. yeah. I saw the breathtaking fireworks of disneyland. *speechless* I felt like a kid again. hehe

Day 3 - June 07,2009

Goodbye Hong Kong! I hope someday I can return and visit my other relatives evenmore.

It was a day full of surprises.
A sudden feeling,
Unable to distinguish the beginning.
The next thing I knew, I was in this
familiar path. Lingering thru the steps.
The feeling burst unforgiving.
It wouldn't stop. I want to turn back time.
I want to know where I should be.
The only question my mind keeps
telling me, "Why now?"
I kept holding on.
I still kept holding on.
I don't know when will this stop.
The only thing I need to
comprehend is to control my
emotions within. As strong as I could be,
I did my part. It hurts like hell but
no one can be brave like me. It happened
once, twice or thrice. Yet I fight till the end.

I want to have a haircut. I'm very excited to have one. I'm thinking if it will be short or medium length, with side bangs or full bangs. I can't decide. I never felt so excited in my entire life to have a haircut. Usually, I'm scared to change. Now, I'm very ready. I'm embracing change. Besides, my hair is too long, too dry and not so curly. I'm missing combing my hair. It was almost 1 year that I don't use brush. I miss it badly. I'm also tired of shampooing my oh-so-long-hair. It's length for now is near my waist. Gosh! It's been my first time to have a length that long. *nakakasawa pala* Especially, if its too dry. *huhuhu* I think my only solution is to have a haircut. See the pictures? I'm imagining my hair to be like that after my haircut. I hope it will be in good condition. I need to have a good result. What will be my look? Will it be blant or daring or ordinary? I can't wait. Wooh. I dunno. *hahaha* My blood is rushing fast due to over thinking or just overjoyed. I don't have enought money, one other problem. Maybe after June, I'll have this new look. I need to save a lot. A LOT of money. One word, ALLOWANCE. *sana pasukan na!* So I can do what I want in my freaking dry hair. :))

Gossip Girl marathon. I'm so hooked with this series. It is already 1:16 am on my clock. I'm still awake, waiting for the buffering of GG. I started watching around 1 o'clock also but in the afternoon. Almost 10 hours of watching and waiting. Minus the time I took a nap, ate and watched Boys over flowers on tv because I prefer the tagalog version. I have 21 unread messages on my phone because I'm busy watching. I have 6 persons ignored, who pm me, because I'm still busy watching. I don't want to be disturbed. I will lost track and concentration. Let me give an example, my sister who doesn't stop entering my room every once in a while. Very annoying! *ayoko ng ginugulo* hahaha Well I'm ready to watch the 24th episode of Season 2 of Gossip girl. This will be my last episode for the day. I also need to sleep. Tired.

Ta-Ta. Goodbye for now.

Rainy Days

Right now, it's raining! Actually, I love rainy days. Especially if I am just at home sleeping, watching tv, eating or blogging like what I am doing now. I love the cold weather. I always feel at home. I like to roll on the sheets of my bed over and over again until I fell asleep. *adik lang* Sarap ng feeling. Masaya na ko sa ganun. I also love reading books or magazines pag ganito ang weather. Love it! Relaxing. Peaceful. Maya tulog ka na ulit. *hahaha* On the otherhand, when I am somewhere else and it's pouring like cats and dogs. Yan ang ayaw ko, flood! Eww... Very gross. I might get sick or stuck on traffic for hours. Sakit na ng pwet mo kakaupo. Badtrip kaya yung ganung moment. I am sure this rainy season again, I'll experience it. No doubt. No choice. No another way. Buhay commuter sadyang ganyan. Masaya kung may kadamay ka, kaso wala e. Solong solo ko ang experience na ganyan. How sad, laughtrip sana kung my friend ka kasama. Okey sa alright pag ganun. Tsk. Wala talaga. Think of this, with matching heels and skirt, the agony! Dagdag sa kahirapan. *Gosh!* If I am home, feels like heaven. But outside your house feels like hell. Enjoy until it's vacation. Wala panghirap. :D