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In birthday, change

Day 17 : Childhood friend

In family, letter

Day 16 : Someone that’s not in your state/country

In letter, life

Day 15 : The person you miss the most

In friends, letter

Day 14 : Long Lost Friends

In letter, life

Day 13 : For all my wrong doings

In letter, life

Day 12 : Caused me a lot of pain

In letter, life

Day 11: A deceased person

In dream, friends

Day 10: Someone I don’t talk to as much as I’d like to

In first, letter

Day 9: Someone I want to Meet

In dream, God

Day 5: Big Dreams

In life, love

Day 3: Parents

In letter, love

Day 2: Long Time Crush

In friends, letter

Day 1: Best Friend

In dream, life


In change, life


In random, scribbles

Work Mode.

In first, historical

First Pay Day!

In random, scribbles

Are You Happy?

In historical, random

Top 3 Things I Want

In life, love

I'm Hired!


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