Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? Is it me? NOT! I’m not. Well, some people say I’m pretty but for me I’m just lucky to have good genes from my parents. I still need to improve a lot. Inside and outside. I need to lose a lot of weight. I’m happy for who I am. But I’m not contented physically. Like every girl encountering, I still have my insecurities. I’m trying and wanting for a better me. Just give me time and motivation. Soon I’ll be reborn. A new person… confident and successful. Looking forward for a better future.


I want to tell you everything. Yes, true. But unfortunately you’re so busy with your life. I’m scared that you might not want to hear it. You don’t want to listen to every word I will blurt from my mouth. You might not like me after telling the story of my life. I want to share all the mishaps and adventures in my world. I want you to be part of it. Maybe soon or time might not come. However, I’m still not losing hope. I believe someday we’ll know everything about each other.


He’s truly my first and greatest love. No one can change it. He made my life amazing and wonderful. It may seem to be ordinary but it has extraordinary events. I am thankful in His every single ways to make me feel ecstatic to live for another day. For the second life, for the second chances or for whatever He gave me. I’m so glad; life without Him is meaningless, blunt and incomplete. When I talked about God, I’m speechless. His goodness is amazing and unconditional. Because of my faith in Him, I was changed. I decided to become a better person with hope and perseverance. A life with God is a miracle. He find ways to make me feel better and be more positive in life. By recognizing your present, I always feel blessed and love. Thank you. I owe my life to you.

child of God

I remember the day I met you, it was my first day wearing my St. Paul uniform. Then, suddenly the LRT had a code yellow or code red, it means problem. I was really struggling wearing my uniform. Hahaha it was too girly and I need to be prime and proper, and I wasn’t like that. When I don’t know what to do and still figuring out how will I go to my school and I’m totally late for my first class. You showed up. Savior. It was really a blessing in disguise because I don’t know any alternative way. You came up to me and helped me. I’m just following you even though I don’t know your name. You even held my hand; I was like a lost kid, naive and uncertain in every action. Before I realize, it took me some time to ask your name. Funny though, I trusted you even I know nothing about you. Thank God for being kind and helpful. I can’t anymore recall your face or your name. However, this memory with you for a short period of time will last. Thank you!

someone thankful

Actually I can’t remember because I don’t usually make a promise. As they always say, “Promises are meant to be broken.”

Be strong. Never forget to pray. It can change everything. Just pray and trust God. If ever you want to talk to someone, I’m here. I’ll listen and I can be your shoulder to cry on. Cheer up! Everything will be alright have a little faith.

someone you can lean on
Seriously, I have a lot of fave memories, when I smile alone, sometimes random memories keep on flashing back again and again. I wish that I could still be there once more, reliving my life all over again without any regrets.

These are the person, who are special to me that every time I imagine if I’ll lost them, I get emotional and my life will be a wreck. Yes, total wreck. I can’t afford losing them both. I’m not an affectionate person I know, but I want to express my love to them, to her and to him. I want to thank them. I’m and always grateful that they have been part of my life. I miss them. I love them so much. It took me some time to move on with my life before. I might not be the sweetest person but I’m trying to be for them. I want them to be proud and tell their friends that I’m now a grown lady. No one can replace them in my life, even my friends. I always pray for them to have a good health and long life. I want them to see how I’m now. I hope they’ll see me successful with my career, with my life and with my family. It breaks my heart whenever I miss them and how seldom I see them. I always have time for them. ALWAYS. <3


You’re such a good kisser. Good job! Keep it up. Hahaha just kiddin. Nah, I dunno what to say. Hmmm.. Good luck! I love you.


Do you really need a second chance? Well, maybe yes. Lemme think… OKEY! I hope you don’t waste it. I admit, I’m a person full of walls like Great Wall of China. It may take me so long to trust you again but if you’re really willing to cross that wall just to prove me you deserve the chance well I’ll give it to you fair and squire. But once I doubt your intensions, it will be longer than you think. It depends on situations, but time heals. You will never know, what might happen. I’m always willing to give another chance just don’t take advantage of it. Next time, I suggest you try harder. Keep hoping and believing, soon it will be your chance to change what was destroyed before. Then, it’s time to let go of the past.

Basha =))
Dear someone,

I know, I’m guilty as charged. I guess I ‘m not the only one but mostly people do the same to other people. They judged the way they look, how they talk or how they act. For me, first impression really doesn’t last, because 80% of first impression is your or my own judgment especially for the new persons in our lives. I can’t help to think maybe he’s like that or like this but then again after few talks and get together events. Now I can say it’s all wrong. I judge him or maybe I judged you easy that I didn’t gave you the chance to reveal the real you. I’m so sorry. That’s why we should stop judging people easily, who are we to judge, only God has the privilege to judge everyone. Not you, not me nor not us. Next time let us be careful and avoid the same mistakes.

not a judge


I’ll tell you something, 3 words : 8 letters. “GO TO HELL!” hahaha joke. I’m happy now. I hope you’re not. Joke again.hehe Stop breaking hearts, it’s hard to mend someone’s heart. It may take days, months or even years so be careful please. It’s a fragile part of our human nature, always handle it with care.

To all naggers and who complains a lot,

One big letter F for you. Hahaha Go f*ck youselves! Sorry but it annoys me if someone nags about this and that then, keeps on complaining. I have an advice, go drown yourselves! Then, die! No one wants to hear your voice, complaining about everything and you keep on repeating it 45 million times a day. Geezz! Get a life! Seriously, once or twice is fine. Trice is tolerable but 45 million times is too much. Haha If you want change, so start acting than blurting words. Nothing will change if you’re motor mouth just keep on going. ACT deary. Is it clear?? Second, stop intervening with my life. I hate it. I have my own brains so I’ll use it to make my own decisions. Ok? Wag pakilamera. Hahaha


Future me,

As of now, I have no idea what I want in my life. I need a direction. I must find a path that I’ll enjoy. I’m still figuring out what the heck I’m doing here on this revolving universe. Sometimes, I’ll realize I am really clueless of what am I doing. Blah, blah ,blah – best words to describe my life right now. BLAH! It’s fun but there are days that I’m such a BLAH! An explainable feeling. A feeling I can’t surely explain.

However, time will reveal the missing parts of our lives. All prayers will be answered, if not, God has better plans for you, for us. Soon you’ll know what you want. Take it one step at the time. I’m still young as of now but maybe 10 years from now you’re the successful person you want to be. You have your own house, own car and own business. You’re good in what you’re doing so keep it up! I hope you have someone to spend your life with that time maybe I haven’t meet him or I haven’t realized it yet but soon, who knows. Life is so unpredictable. We love travelling so I’m sure you’ve been to many countries and places here in the Philippines. Never give up on exploring life. Sometimes, we need to pause for a break and look around and start appreciating every little blessing we received. Always have time for your family and for your friends and of course for God! Be thankful. Keep on praying, never stop.

Stay cheerful. Laugh out loud! Be adventures! Take a risk. No regrets. Patience is a virtue. Keep on believing and have faith. Stop hating, keep on loving. Watch out for your weight. Stop eating too much! Hahaha. Fight laziness! Run wild. Finally, less words more actions.

present me

Hi childhood friend,

My memories with you was still vivid in my mind. Let's go back to memory lane...

Years ago, during my nene days, he was one of my playmates. I'll see him in our neighborhood, everytime my great grandparents will fetched me from my parents' house. I'll just roam around in their compound especially in the afternoon. Then, we'll started playing. Water guns, fish ponds, bikes or whatever a child can think of how to play with. Yeah. I think we've done that. It was so happy days. Care free days. I have a confession to make. I have a little crush on him. :))) (landi mode bata pa lang) I could till remember the day that he smile on me, when I was on my way home (nasa tric pa ko noon, elementary pa lang ako). The day of my 7th birthday, I still have the gift he gave to me. OMG! a purple shirt with a small pocket and plaided prints on the lower part of the shirt. hahaha I dunno, why i still can't give it to others. haha Memorable eh. It was 13 years ago.

Now, I don't have any news from you. My last time I knew, you're in the US for migration. I guess you have your wonderful life out there. Take care. I'm thankful that you've been part of my childhood days. =)

your childhood playmate

To my relatives far far away,

Hello, what's up guys? I hope you're all okey. I'm fine here, don't worry about us. We loved to hear from you soon. Size 7 - shoes/ sandals/ flip-flops will do. hahaha sabay ganun. Basta ingat lang kayo lagi. We're looking forward sa pag uwi nyo at sa pasalubong nyo. Hurrayyyy! Miss na namin kayo.

your lovable kapuso/ kapamilya/ kabarkada
Missing person,

I miss you. I'm just wondering how busy are you in your life. I have a cellphone and of course you have yours but have you tried texting me? Have you tried to ask if I'm alright? If I'm not missing you? Geezz. We have facebook account and other ways to communicate why can't you do that. It's so easy.. Sometimes, I'm too tired to do the first move to reach out to you. Maybe, you don't want me no more in your life? What do you think? Too many answered question. But I'm still looking forward too see you soon. I miss u a lot. =)

someone missing you
To my long lost friends,

Especially to the ones I seldom talked to or we don't even have a communication with. I want to ask why? What happened? Maybe time just passed by so fast, we forgot each other. Sad. Whatever happens I'll be your friend till the end. Let's fill up the missing pieces of our lives. I'm ready to listen, talk, laugh or cry just like old times. I miss the days with you. I hope to see you soon.

someone you drifted apart
To All,

Sorry for everything. Please forgive me? whatever I've done. Thanks!

Someone seeking for forgiveness
To hate,

I despise your actions because it caused me pain, heartache, and shuttered dreams. You pushed me to a cliff without catching me. You let me fall. Then, you pretend you care until you slowly vanished into thin air. I’m injured. You left. This is me alone. Unsecured. Unloved. Confused. I was alone in this place of unknown. Imagining what if… why… or how it end up like this. Too much of uncertainty, I became too foolish to look out for answers. I kept on blaming myself… But I stop, then, the time let me realized, you made me strong. Unfortunately, I became allergic to bullshit. I itch everytime, they’re near me. I sneeze when they talk. Thanks to you. I know how to prevent a virus like you. P.S. I hate u no more. Acceptance is the key.


Nida blanca Gusto kita makausap! Alam mo bang affected akong tunay noong nalaman kong namatay ka na? natatakot kasi ako, feeling ko dadalawin mo ko. Pag tagal narealize ko na, hindi mo nga ko kilala. Adik lang! hahaha

matatakutin na bata
To my friends (in elementary, highschool, of course! college),

I miss you all. Years before, we almost talk to each other like everyday in our lives, we never thought it might end as easy as that. For the reason, that we need to go to different schools, I need to live here in P'que and so on and so on... First, in my adjusting period, I felt nostalgic and crazy thinking of all the moments we have together. As time pass, I need to move on and live a life. I found new friends, new crowd and new environment. We sometimes don't have time to talk to each other. I'm sorry. I keep in touch naman once in a while. Syempre, you have your life din. But if you're not busy, let me know. Lets bond with each other. hahaha I mean bonding tayo! If there's a way there's a will. True! Pag gusto ko talaga sumama, I'll find a way. Except kung may nauna na. You know, first come first service basis ang batayan sa gimick or kung saan feel ko mas masaya. Join ako! haha Even though, I don't see you as much I want to buti na lang nadyan ang FB. Makita ko lang you're smiling in your picture. I'm happy and communication is so much easy these days. We have internet, cellphone, FB and other technologies. There's no reason for not catching up. On the other hand, seeing you all in the flesh is much exciting and enjoying. I could hear your voices and all the famous banats that would make me laugh then cry at the same time (i miss those moments). Reminiscing the happy, sad, retard moments we've been thru. The undying funny tactics we can't stop doing and the heart to heart talks that always made our day.

If only I'm rich, I'll buy a subdivision and we'll live next with each other. Party all the time! I imagine how life will it be. So fun! If I am bored I'll just press the door bell in your gate and ta-da. Bonding moments! How cool will it be, right? Anyways, i'm always here if you need someone to talk to. Call me, text me if you wanna reach me. Okey?! My lines are open 24/7.

someone missing you
Dear Someone,

For now, I don't have any particular person, who I really want to meet, but I 'm hoping someone who will inspire me to do good. To motivate me in so many ways. To open my mind to the wonders of the world. Someone who will bring me closer to God. To teach me to be thankful from every blessings I'll receive. I don't care if it will be a HE or a SHE, as long as he/she will help and inspire me to be a better person. Maybe it might be my new officemates, new friends, random different person or someone famous (as if i have the chance). I know, everything has a purpose. Whoever you are. I'm here! excitedly waiting. =)

someone ready to be inspired
Hey Chatmate,

What's up chatmate! Hmmm.. Even though we just have Hi's and hellos in person but in the internet world. We're like bestfriend. hahaha Seriously, maybe because there're times that you know what I feel most of the days compare to my closest friends in real life. Thank you! In tough times, you make me feel sane, specially when I really really need someone to talk to. Thank you talaga! I appreciate your time and stories about anything. We're like crazy people when we are bangag or adik mode. We make our own fantasies that are so unbelievable! You make me laugh like a retard, (syempre i'm in front of the pc tapos i'm laughing my ass out.. ewan lang db?) You are so kind, promise! I can't believe we will be close. Sometimes you share about your life pati lovelife na din. Ang galing lang talaga! Minsan din, ako din. Sumeshare na din ako ng kwento about those guys, who's you know. Basta. hehe Sometimes, we also feel the same way. Depress depressan tayo pero mukhang mga baliw lang kasi anu-ano pa naiisip. We like to joke around. Paadikan lang ng reply at padamihan ng "HAHAHAHA"... See? close closesan na tayo! All I can say for now is THANK YOU! You'll be may favorite internet friend. hehe

your chatmate
Dear ex-crushes,

Hello. I don’t have an ex-boyfriend that’s why ex-crushes na lang, pangmadamihan labanan kase madami akong ex-crush.hahaha Alam nyo ba dati, ayoko ng mapuputi kasi naman I’m morena then when I reached college that’s the only time I appreciated the kaputiaan of guys. I like nerds. I’m into smart and funny guys, hindi lang handsome. Usually, I like it when they are confident with themselves. Minsan talaga yung mga ex-crushes ko mukhang ako lang nakakacrush. Yoko ng may kaagaw. Hahaha If I know that other girls are fancying him too. Hindi na ko nagiging crush pag tagal. It dependes. Number one stalker nyo din ako. Pag wala ako magawa pinupuntahan ko mga pages nyo sa FB tapos kinakausap ko picture nyo. Kinakamusta, oh dib a? Caring aketch. Nahihiya na ko. Lantad na lantad na dito pagiging stalker ko. Hehehe Yung iba, wrong timing ang dating kung kalian naman na kapagmove on na ko sa lahat lahat. Eepal, bigla kami magiging close. Nakakainis tapos eto na naman. Haha Pag I started to have feelings again, mawawala sya. Aaarrrggg. Pwede bang tayo na lang? para hindi na mahirap ang lahat. hahahaha joke joke joke. Yuck! Nadidiri ako sa mga pinagtatype ko. Anyways, I know all of you are happy with your lives, if the time comes you realize that we are meant to be. Just Call me, you know my number. =))))

your ex-admirer

Heya Stranger,

Well, I’m a little snobbish when it is come to stranger. Because my parents or relatives always told me to “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!!!”, I will just obey and go on with my life. As I grow old, I realized that all of my friends were once a stranger in my life. Even the closest friend I ever had was a stranger. Come to think of it, we should not be afraid to welcome a stranger in our lives. Except for the stranger that is dangerous. Be careful.

It’s nice to meet a stranger then suddenly will become huge part of our lives. We will learn from them and it might me a huge impact in our lives. So to you stranger! Hello! I’m willing to be a friend indeed! Welcome to my crazy crappyyy life! Hahaha

another stranger

Dearest Big Dreams,

*Intro* Dreams are my reality nanananana... song yan! :)) Hey Dream! I wish someday you'll be my reality. I have a lot of dreams! Plenty plenty! Like to be a billionaire so freaking bad! Or to travel the world. Sometimes I wish I was born rich but then again. I'm happy with my life.

Seriously, I'll enumerate 3 of my dreams.. First, to be with you? haha kiddin. Hindi yan first. Last. hahaha ano ba yan. Again again. My number one dream is to be an archiver with my career. I'll be a boss na pakape kape na lang tska sipol sipol and earn loads of money. If ever, I want my own business at the same time.

Second will be... To have my own house that is fully furnished. Nakainterior pa kung baga. haha Para hindi na ko NPA(no permanent address) Plus swimming pool and gym. Wow. Don't forget the home entertainment room. That's what I called "Dream House".

Third will be just simple... To have someone to share my dreams with... Aaaiiiyyeee! me ganun talaga! hahaha Para saan pa ang lahat ng blessing kung wala naman ako kashare, I'm I right or I'm super right?! Family in the future. Tipong ten years pa dapat yan! hehe I'm not rushing things. Mauna muna ang dapat mauna. Career at kayamanan. Whatever.

God will be my decision maker. Actually, I let go of my dreams and I let God do His will. I know it will be the best. Come what may! I'm ready to be surprise. Only God knows. He will provide.

a dreamer
Dearest Little Sister,

We have 9 years gap, I thought I would be the only child. You're young, talented and pretty. I hope you maximize your potential in the long run. Right now, you're so pasaway and number one bingi! hahaha Sana makinig ka sa mga kung anu-anong mangsinasabi namin sa iyo kasi madami ka pang hindi alam. Masama magmagaling. haha Habulin ka pa naman... habulin ng away! That's why we always tell you to be careful with your actions! Sometimes you don't know you're offending someone. Iyakin ka pa naman tska saksakan ng arte! :)))) (nilait daw un kapatid) Sobrang daldal na hindi ko maintindihan kung saan mapupunta un kwento mo. Whatever. Kahit inaapi kita at times gusto ko ako lang yun. If someone's doing the same to you, sumbong mo sa akin. Ako lang ang number one bully mo! Wag ka papabully sa iba. Masama yun. haha

Just study hard, tska dapat pag graduate mo ng highschool, pang UP yung grade mo para mura lang babayaran ko pag tagal tagal hehehe (kahit sa pagpapaaral kuripot pa din?) hehe Sundin mo lang sinabi ko magkakasundo tayo. Nako nako lang talaga. Umayos ka! hehehe Take care always and don't be afraid to try new things! Keep on praying.

your gorgeous sister
Dearest Parents,

Thank you for bringing me to this wonderful world. For letting me experience how to live and to be independent is very important to me. I can stand by my own. If time comes, pinalayas nyo na ko okey lang. haha I’ve been sometimes stubborn or maybe rude, I’m sorry. There are times I think you’re being immature or not understanding or considering my feelings. I might look like I’m strong outside but deep inside I’m weak. I need someone to let me know they appreciate my little or big efforts for being a good child.

To my father, you turned your back at your responsibilities, to your wife, to your daughters, in short to us. Its fine it made us strong. It made my mom to strive harder for us. I don’t have any grudges towards you. Every thing has its purpose. I appreciate that we still have a communication once in a while. But you almost miss my entire life. My only wish is DSLR ko. You told me graduation, last month of March, April pass by, June and July is over. August is now starting. Well, I'll stop expecting so there will be no disappointment. Right? hahaha But still wishing you come into your senses. Pray pray...

To my mother, a big hug for you! Thanks for being there for us no matter what. Even I'm so lazy at times or so stubborn. I know I not an affectionate person, it stop when I grew up. I dunno. Maybe people around aren't like that affectionate too. We're like close friends at times. Sometimes I think, I'm more matured than you. haha You complain and nag about small or big things. It irritates me. If you don't want to happen again do some actions please, not just blurting it every time you have the chance. I'm not fan of people, who complains about every thing in life. One word: "ANNOYING". I want to tell you, Good Job! You raising as to be a better person. Actually, 50% from my grandparents. Anyways, sorry for my behavior at times. I'm not perfect but I'm trying to be the best I can. Just a little appreciation is all I need. I'll work hard for our future. We'll have our own house soon. We'll be rich. Stand still and be ready.

For both of them, I learned a lot from all of you. Keep on praying. Don't forget that God should be the center of our lives. Take care always coz I care a lot even if doesn't show. LOVELOVE.

your daughter

Dearest Long Time Crush,

Hi. Hello. *pacute mode* How are you? haven't seen you for so long. Buhay ka pa kaya? I want to tell you something. CRUSH KITA! :)) Funny it may seems pero I like you from the day I first saw you at the church like almost 9 years ago, I guess. Oo sige na, OA! Everything's overrated! Well, I don't even know your name I just know you from your face. Basta makita kita, yun si crush! Ewan ko ba kung bakit kita crush pero we don't even have a close connection to each other. We don't have common friends or something. We just have one in common, we always go to the same church. You're not even my typical crush because you lack height, you smoke, and you have "poknat" somewhere in your head. (pati yun pansin ko??)

Why I admire you? It's the way you serve the Lord. It's the way you pray at mass. To look someone so sincere when he prays. Shet! my heart melts. Not all the guys are like you. You look maangas or snobero but there's something within you is different. I dunno. Hindi pa naman kita nakakasama personally pero wolo long, unexplainable feeling. haha

Dati madalas kita makita, *kilig kilig* Alam mo bang, I always keep on my eyes on you everytime you're around. Of course! I don't make it obvious. Ewan ko nga ba kung hindi mo ko nakikita patingin tingin. :)) Alam mo yung kahit sobrang tiny chance that we will know each other, I can't let go before. Kahit 1% lang yun I'm still hoping. Ganun talaga ako sa lahat ng crush ko, swerte mo lang ikaw pinkapatagal kong crush. There's a moment in my life before that keeps telling myself, 10years from now noon e “baka lang” someday somehow e alam mo na, we are fated for each other. nyak! cheesssyyyy! Syempre sa ngyon hindi na, wala na un. Things change. Natangap ko na ang kapalaran na mas mdami pa dyan. hehehe I saw your facebook, I want to add you sana, para makapagstalk man lang syo. Isipin mo yun, inisa isa ko un friends ng friend mo until I found your account. (stalker nga akong tunay hehehe) I choose not to add you. Wag na lang. Baka lalo lang kita maging crushiiieee. Kung someday we'll have the chance to be friends. Okey na ko dun, at least we are friends. Just to see you in flesh makes me tumbling around what more if we will be a friend that’s enough for me. Now, I'm seeing myself with someone else.(me ganun?)hahaha Hindi tulad ng dati, if a guy what's to court me, I consider you always. =)) hibang na ko. Bata pa ko nun, sensya na, abnormal lang.

I wish you good luck and happiness too. See you when I see you!

your stalker
Dearest Best Friend,

You know who you are. I'm thankful because you are always there to remind me of who I am. For keeping in touch time to time. For laughing at my corniest jokes and clumsiness. We've been best friends for almost eight or seven years. No doubt you're really a good person inside and out. As we call each other as "Sis" (short for sisters), I'm sure you're my long lost sister. We are partners in crime. We love to talk and back-stabbed other people. hahaha kiddin. We share a lot of many common interest that helps us to be bonded even more. We don't have secrets. We know each other very well.

As time passes by, nothings change. We still laugh at the people we love to laugh about. hahaha kiddin. We laugh at our own sablay moments that we could not stop laughing even though we are in the streets walking, in the escalator, in the jeepney or anywhere as long as we are together. Meeting new interesting people are one of the things we want to explore. We are fun and happy people. To sleepovers, outings, parties, booze night or just chilling at your house, solve kung solve. The most important is we have each others company. We are like twins separated by birth. We like kikay things, girly things or whatever thingy it is. I am so lucky to met someone who is pretty(like moi), kind, friendly and always on the go without pretenses. REAL PERSON. Not like others who are back stabbing little bitches when you're gone. You have no chance to be like them because you're straight forward, you say what you feel and that's what real people should do. NAKS!

Moreover, as we were in highschool even crushes we shared, sometimes until now share pa din tayo. Mainis sa mga aurabells at sa mga feelingerang kerokoroppi nagkakasundo talaga tayo. Pati sa pag simba tapos papaload ka sa ruins after ng mass. hehe Volunteer sa red cross and until now we still have communication with them, kasama na din pumarty. Maiwan ako na jeep tapos ikaw nakasakay na. the best! Magintay ng NBI clearance na super tagal at ang init init. Jogging moments na parang ikaw couch ko, pinapatakbo mo lang ako na pinapatakbo tapos ikaw nakaupo lang may patimer timer pa nalalaman. Photowalks natin with bff John, tapos hindi na inaupload at hanggang nagyon hindi pa nakikita yung iba. Basta sobrang dami na natin memories together. Wala na tatalo dun, promise. EPIC! hahaha

In life, there will be always ups and downs and I'm sure we will have each other. To be strong and brave to face all of them. We can do it. Lalo ka na best girlscout ka di ba? Always pray and always believe in the Lord. He will guide you. If you're encountering major issues in your life, just think positive wag agad aayaw. haha I'll be here. Just call or text me, dito lang ako party tayo. Advance happy birthday gift ko na din 'to syo! Letter ko sayo nasa blog ko pa. TARUSH! Thanks for the friendship and moments we shared thru the years. I love you sis! You are the BFF! Best Best friend ever.



Day 1 — Your best friend
Day 2 — Your crush
Day 3 — Your parents
Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5 — Your dreams
Day 6 — A stranger
Day 7 — Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 8 — Your favourite internet friend
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
Day 11 — A deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
Day 23 — The last person you kissed
Day 24 — The person that gave you your favourite memory
Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
Day 29 — The person that you want to tell everything to, but are too afraid to
Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror


I want to do this! =) Lets see!

Some called it TWIN SOUL or TWIN FLAME. Cheesy as it may seem, that’s the topic all about. Have you felt that you’ve met your own soulmate? Have I? Well, weird but I can’t stop to think of it that maybe or somehow I met him. Hahaha Oo na, ako na ang feeling-ngerang kokak. Hahaha I can feel it. I want to divert my thought about him unfortunately, I can not. I just can’t. It’s like I am talking to myself, every time we have the chance to talk. He makes me feel I’m not alone. He’s like the guy version of me. Even though I met him in flesh for a few times, I felt like I known him for so long. We don’t have a chance to see each other as much I or we want. I dunno if he wants to see me. Parang ewan ko, hindi natutuloy. Feeling-ngerang kokak nga kase ako e. hahahaha. Neber minds… Pretend you never read that part. Right now, I am on the phase of my life that I have the desire to meet and to mingle with a lot of people though I’m a little timid at times. I should be outgoing! Fear factor! hahaha If I tried to have a deeper conversation with different and new people it feels like he/ she is trusting me with his/her life. It feels great! I'm happy for some simple ways of sharing he/her life with me. It also a way to find the "SOULMATE" I've been looking for. I'm sure it will be a big step to be closer and closer to the one. It might not the one that I expect but it will be the one that I'll be getting along for so long. We might not end up with each other, but who knows. Only God knows. Keep on praying for the right one and God will give the one you deserve not the one you want. Everyday I have the reason to be excited and to be surprised. I'm just preparing myself that it might be YOU. :))


It’s been a while since I was assigned in graveyard shift. Poor little me! I was like wut?! Seriously? First job and yeah graveyard. I pity myself. Haha Because everytime I went to the office people were going home but me no! haha Sadness. TRUE! I am not really used to it. First week was nightmare!!! Sleepy much. I can’t help to be sleepy for every time I have a chance. ZOMBIE! That’s me! I have no choice. Why me? That’s the only question puffs into my mind. But as time comes, I’m adjusting and adjusting. I can do it. I’m the best. Hahaha Just being positive all the time. Doubts really came up to my head. I can’t stop but to overthink any situation. Kulang lang pala ako sa tulog narealize ko kaya drama dramahan ako minsan.

From now on, ako na si Bella at ikaw na ang Edward ko. Pwede na din ako maging si batgirl basta ikaw ang batman ko. =)) Taong panggabi! Ako na nga kong ako na! haha See? I’m starting to be cranky. Hahaha forgive me! When I came out in our office, my eyes hurts because of the sunshine, so I always wear my shades. Hindi na ko nag-aayos kasi naman, wala ng makakakita sa akin. Dilim e. Make up?? Nakakatamad. Too lazy to fix myself. But when I’m out with my friends or family dun na lang bumabawi sa pag-aayos ng itsura. Eyebags?? My number one dilemma! Dark circles around my eyes? Bullshit! Pumapangit na talaga ako,. Hahaha kaya gusto ko na magresign minsan e. Just kidding. Ibang topic na pag resign ang pinaguusapan. Okie? Next time.

Food for thought:
“ Things change and everything changes.
All we can do is to adopt and to accept.”

I missed blogging! I know no ones viewing this page. I'll be blogging soon! I have a lot of rants to tell. I promise. Because right now, work mode and all. I can't blog at home (sleep or resting agad) and especially at the office. I'm shy. Maybe they'll see my entry. Sabihin pa drama ko. Minsan lang naman. hahaha I'll have a long enrty someday! Just give me time. =)


YES! Finally after the hard work, we finally especially me will experience "FIRST PAY DAY!" Wooohh. I'm happy that even though you know (basta) =)) secret ko muna. We watched Eclipse kahit muntik muntk na hindi na tuloy. Ako pa! I always make a way, if a really want something. So with the help of my friends tuloy ang plano.

I'm truly excited for this day! Cinema 7 at Glorietta 4 around 5:45 pm the movie started. Wooh! kilig to the bones. Mukha lang akong tanga sa kilig. Guess who? No other than my hobby JACOB. hahahaha kiddin. I know maraming nagpapantansya kay Jacob. Sabi nga nya kay Edward, I'm hotter that you." I agree. Napapalakpak pa nga ko. =)) OA lang e.

I'm so bitin lang with our bonding time with each other kase after the movie they left na. huhuhu. I don't have the chance to talk to them for a long peroid of time. Pinigil ko nga lang din yung kadaldalan ko sa movie house kahit gustong gusto ko magkwento. Syempre, baka maingayan yun other people, right? hehe Tska hindi naman akin yun movie house. hahaha Yaan nyo next time, sa akin na yung movie house para libre magingay. haha

I treat kathy for a movie. Then, I bought a bag. Mura lang. hahaha Yun lang mga gastos ko for that day. Other gastos was for my baon for my daily life. Corny ako na lahat sa baon ko. Unlike before... Hingi hingi lang. Ngayon parang hindi na ko bibiyan ng money ni mama. BOO! haha Bibilan ko pa nga pala si mommy ng daster. I dunno why she wants that. Anyways, thats all for now. Till my next random blogging! =)



Yesterday, YES! Today, NO! Tomorrow, same same! I'm so sorry! I'm just confused with my emotions right now. I don't know what to do. I should be happy right? Why I'm becoming so futuristic and all? Now I'm not happy. Later I'm happy. BOO! This sucks! I'm not a quitter but everything seems to be boring. I want excitement. I want adventure. I want to try new things. I want to gain new knowledge and skills. I need something to keep me going. I need a lot of motivation. MOTIVATE ME PLEASE! There's something bothering me and I don't know what it is. I'm such a BLAH right now. I tend to over-think every situation I have. Maybe lack of sleep is one factor why I'm becoming like this. So I'll be sleeping now and I hope tomorrow this feeling will fade away. (sorry for this confusing entry I just want to express my emo days like this one i've experiencing now! HAHA)


There are times I'm liking and wishing to have one of this and that. I'm not a techie person because I'm too kuripot in many ways. Sometimes, I rather save my money than to buy expensive gadgets. But there were these days I wonder and wanting them so bad.

Gadget # 1:

Samsung Corby Pro

New cellphone. Yes! I need one even though I still love my cellphone so much. But this phone has a Wi-Fi on it. It means free internet access on every hotspots of this country especially on starbucks. haha Plus it is stylish on the same time. QWERTY keypad and touch screen on one phone, who doesn't like that. It also has a 3.2 megapixel for the built-in camera. I will save some moolah for this. Let's wait and see. Soon! =)

Gadget # 2
Canon/Nikon Dslr Camera

THE DREAM. True! I'm so in love with photography that I can marry a DSLR right now, if i have a chance. haha It's been years since I've been eyeing for this gadget. It doesn't matter if its canon or nikon at least I have one. This is true love, if the time comes he will be in my arms. I can't wait. We will sleep besides each other. I will make sure he is always safe and care for. I will explore the world with him. shit! Fantasy. (awake up!) I should work my ass up to have my very own Dslr. This will take a little longer than I expected but if I will have a financier or a sponsor!!! It will be much easier. Then, my fairytale will be a happy ending. *dying to have this*

Gadget # 3
Mac Apple Laptop

Yeah. It will be years to have an item like this. Its expensive. I'm not like the super rich young girls that can have every thing they want. Just an ordinary person who wants a MAC for a lappyy laptop. It is so chic and it has a high-tech features. Number one thing I want in this laptop and Mac PCs that it doesn't have virus. Nothing can destroy my files and my OS, if ever I have this. =)


What I good start for the month of JUNE! I have my first ever job in my life. When I heard the words, " YOU'RE HIRED! FOR [insert the amount of salary] " It was cherry on the top. It made me smile all throughout the day. I can't help it but to feel lucky and anxious. First of all, it took a lot of hours before it sinked into my mind. Ms. Lorie, one of the HR in the company, was the one assisting me in the process of being employed. She gave me a lot of paper to fill it out and the list of the requirements. I'm so overwhelm that day. I started the next day of the day I was hired.

I looked like a lunatic when I stepped out of the building because I can't hide my happiness and my smile. I hurriedly texted my mom and my friends. I called them and told them the good news. Yey! When I was walking thru the walk way of makati, I turned on my ipod. Then, I started listening to the music. That was weird, want to know why..? because even though the music was a sad song or a party song, I have one reaction. SMILE the whole time. Added that I'm just alone walking. Creepy! It doesn't make sense. I'm so happy! =)) CONGRATS to me! REALITY, I'M LIVING IT! one workaholic girl will be born someday! No more vacation. Time to be serious but don't forget to live in the moment.


you deserve a KISS! Mwwaahhh!
(even though I look stupid here haha)


YES! Due to boredom. I'd made a formspring account! If ever you have some random question/s you want to ask me. Feel free to visit my account. :)


left-@la mesa eco park | right-@water camp

May 12, 2010 - This is the day! I was surprised with the number of people, who greeted me on my birthday. I was totally kilig. I really appreciated it a lot. Thank you again!


The first thing I did on my day was went to church. I attended a mass. I went home. I changed clothes. Around 9am, I went to shopwise to meet my BFFs. Then, before we left to go to La Mesa Eco Park we stopped by first at Chowking to eat some halo-halo. Init kase. Finally, off to the destination. Hoorreey! Actually, it was my first birthday to go out with my friends on the exact date of my birthday. Usually they don't allow me. Cool! another first. =) We rode a killer bus (ordinary bus). HAHA It was so hot. Wind were actually pollution. I also need to go to the bathroom. I've controlled my pee for a long period of time. Gez! I like to die every time the driver hit the breaks.hehe We were laughing and talking non-stop. Don't forget, we also kept on singing. For the reason that we were bored. Tagal ng byahe. haha When we arrived, I peed! yey for me. Found a spot to eat our lunch. Afterwards, the most awaited "PHOTOSHOOT". It was successful. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the photos again, it wasn't uploaded yet. We were still waiting until now. I enjoyed our adventure. Posing here and there. Taking photos here and there. Loving the scenery here and there. One thing I did not enjoyed, the effin temperature. It was hot so sweating here and there is one major activity. HAHAHA. My day did not stop there, it was time to celebrate it with my mom and sis. I hurriedly fetch my sister at home but befo re going. I took a quick shower. Then, we went to the mall. Ate dinner and watched movie.

with BOYS featuring kathy @ water camp.

May 13-14, 2010 - Swimming with college friends (BOYS) featuring Kathy. I woke up early. Packed my things and waited for my uncle. He was late. Moreover, we fetched first the south people in shopwise. Then, the north people was waiting in sm sucat. We kept talking and talking. Catching up! We need it a lot. When we arrived, we paid for the entrance and rent a cottage. Ate snack. Swam. Lunch time. Swam. Play underwater games. Slide. Swam. Waited for aimee. Snack again. Talk. Picture picture. Uncle came again to fetch us on our way home. Bath. Dinner. Videoke. Watch PBB. Midnight Snack. Booze. Drink. Another successful and fun day! Thank you for coming. I miss them lot! I hope to see them more often. :)

A year older, a year wiser!

My first time to vote! =) Yey! I'm excited to exercise my right to vote. The person I really want to win was GORDON. Unfortunately, he has a few supporters and I'm one of them. Even though, Gordon will not win. I still did what I should really be doing, vote for him. I felt much better to voice out of what I really believe in. Maybe this isn't his time yet. Next election if he still have the courage to be a Presidential Candidate, I hope he will win. I'll vote for him again. No doubt.


Happy Labor's Day to all! 12 days to go and I'm turning twenty I mean "SWEET TWENTEEN". Oha! Beat that! I'm the only person who will be sweet as sixteen years old and a teen in my twenties. OMG! I can't believe it. I will be a year older in twelve days. YEAH. Before anything else, I have a dentist appointment a while a go. I have my infraction and it hurts. Right! It hurts. It really hurts. hahaha Did I told you it hurts?? So bye bye to my wisdom teeth. All four wisdom teeth are gone. No more wisdom anymore. I'm wisdom-teeth-free. The lower wisdom teeth was taken out by the dentist a year a go and it hurts like hell but this time the two upper wisdom teeth was taken earlier by this day. Successful! No more eating. Swollen face again in short, Siopao face. I hope before my birthday my face will be in normal shape or else I won't have the photo perfect moment. My cheeks will be all over the place. I don't want that to happen. That's all for now.

Last year with my first infraction.
This is what I called, siopao face! :)) (swollen)

Keso de Bola - not the real cheese, it has another meaning "Cheesy na bola". Right! this are for the guys,who use some certain sobrang cheesy lines of banat and bola words. I know girls can relate to certain fact. So don't be fooled by the cheese that they got. HAHA

Seriously, I rather hear the story of he's life than the cheesy lines guys will say to me just to get into something even though they are not that sincere enough. Share some secrets and tell me the truth and that's better. I'm a sucker for stories. I'm really a listener than a sharer. It takes time for me to spill the beans. I usually observe first, if the person is someone who I can trust, be afraid.. Be really afraid because once I start talking. No one can stop me. I talk a lot too but to certain people only. There are times, I don't speak. Too lazy. HAHA

Moreover, I love to laugh so make me laugh, not about cheesy banats but to the true-to-life experiences. Sometimes I literally want to gag, when a person keeps on telling me banats na sunod sunod. Nakakasuka, totoo! Hello, bakit ka ganyan? wala ka bang alam gawin at sabihin kung di mga letcheng kung anu-ano. I see a capital B-O-L-E-R-O in you! So just shut up, if you're not doing any good. I feel negativity from the start, it's bad. Especially if I just met a person just a couple of days or months, then he keeps on insisting and asking random awkward questions. He's out of the game. NEXT! :))

People like this are not WORTH IT!

"Thou shall not make PAASA."

Madaming ganyan sa mundong ibabaw. Mga taong papaasahin ka sa mga bagay bagay. Paniniwalain ka na magiging totoo ang lahat kanilang sinasabi. Mga taong nangangako ngunit napapako. Bakit kayo ganyan? Nakakabadtrip dude! Thats why I don't make promises, syempre once you said it, you should act on it. Make an action to make it happen di ba? Para hindi ka nagpapaasa at para walang umaasa kagaya ko. HAHAHA Paasa always leads to disappointment, big time! Kaya sometimes it's hard to believe every word a single person will tell to you. They often say something unconsciously. Then, forget it after you remembered every details. Kahit kapamilya, kapuso, kabarkada kahit sino pwedeng magpaasa. Kaya ingat lang. Wag masyadong isaisip lahat ng sinasabi ng bawat tao. Pwede din ako dito pero iniiwasan ko na yan. Ayoko ng magmukhang ewan, napapahiya lang ako. Sometimes, if want to brag something your mom told you, tapos ano? Biglang change of plan. Time for embarrassment. Shit! Yan ang ayoko. haha From now on, if it happened or super sure na talaga, thats the only time I will tell to someone about that idea. I'm being careful. More careful. I don't want to expect and assume anymore. I will just focus on the things that's present from now on.

Live like I am dying. =)

Another trip to the salon. I decided to have a haircut again. Well, that was really my plan after graduation. Now, this is it. Shorter hair na, compared from my last haircut. Feel na feel ko talaga sya because of my haircut, my chin was emphasize. Baka magulat mga tao, biglang sabihin na, "Shit! may baba pala si aby." Dahil sobrang round face ko. hahaha. My plan to have a full bangs was not successful but I still have a bangs, sideways nga lang. More on, Yeng Constantino minus the full bangs yung look ko for now. I don't have any pictures to post. Maybe next time.

Guess what? I went first to Tony and Jackey for Daisy, one of the great hairstylist in the salon, unfortunately the promo they have was not available. From 300php to 500php haircut, imagine that! too expensive darling! I wanna cry out loud. Its been always Daisy, who cuts my hair. So instead to postpone my haircut session, I went to David's Salon. The price was reasonable than T&J salon. I'm sure they made a good job. :)

I want to go somewhere far! I'm so ingit na with those people who went to the beach already. I want to swim but I'm more into the taking picture part. hahaha. The truth is I'm scared to be "umitim", because I'm morena so over exposure with the sun will make me, what you called NOGNOG. I want new profile picture. Unfortunately, we don't have any plans yet. =( Other thing is... DIET is needed. Excercise is also needed more. Being at home all the time makes me FAT. It makes me eat when I'm bored, then I'll sleep. When I wake up, I sit then eat then watch tv or read a book. I want to do something different.
Boredom beybe! So decided to blog about "WEIRD RAMDOM THINGS" about me of course. Maybe its weird for you, but for me its normal.
1.) I can't sleep without the turning around, here and there to find the perfect position to sleep. In short, before I sleep MALIKOT AKO.
2.) My routine before I sleep: brush my teeth for a long period of time (braces), wash my hands and feet sometimes I let it air dry, drink plenty of water, make sure the cabinets is close properly and put the blinds down. Finally, open my lamp. I can't sleep without lights. hahaha
3.) When I felt there was something eeekky, rough, or whatever it is in my hands that is uipleasant, I am so worried and very concern about it. I need alcohol or wash it right away.
4.) I don't like people touching my things and not putting it as it was before. Anger rush easily into my head. Don't even dare.
5.) Even though my stuffs are so messy and out of order, I can still notice that someone took or used my things.
6.) For some reason, I have a strong intuition to those people who lie, so I don't trust them easily.
7.) I love milo with or without water. PAPAK is right term to use. I also like it with my bread.
8.) I crave mostly with chocolate. That's why if I have one bar of chocolate, I can make it last for days. One piece per meal or per day. haha
9.) I have a crush on the guy for almost 8 years without knowing his name. I just know him by his face. I saw him mostly in the church or somewhere in our village. Sometimes I tried my luck to find him on facebook. Yah, what-a-stalker-I-am. :))
10.) If random someone is calling me, I don't usually answer my phone. I just stare at it until the call ends. Mostly, it is an accident, they forgot to lock their phone, luckily my name starts with letter A so they ended up calling me for the nth time.
That's enough for the day. I'm tired thinking. Until my next random thingy blogging..
I don't want to let everyone know that I had a hair cut a while ago but I'm blogging it. HAHAHA Oh! the irony. What the heck! Not everyone is viewing this effing blog, right?! Not like facebook that whenever you post something the whole world knows. This is just a secret sanctuary of my thoughts. Those who bothered to click the link will have an access with this thingy. They are the chosen one, the lucky ones and the Mr.Chismoso & Ms. Chismoso of the new millennium. I want to surprise my friends with my new look. Actually, my new look is not done yet. I want another hair cut. Shorter. Maybe after holy week I'll go to my trusted salon to cut more hair. haha I'll post some pictures after my transformation. Right now, it's a big question mark to you. Whoever you are! I'll describe my hair as of today. It is shorter than my usually hair. (my usually hair length was almost near my waist.) Now, it is less or more near my shoulders. But I want it shorter. I hope it will turn out great. I'm aiming for a new look that no one will recognize me when I walk in front of their faces. haha I can't wait. =) I'll update you soon. OK?!


True. Graduation day! College is finally over. Time to say good bye to my school,to my professors, to my schoolmates and to my blockmates. A very sad moment for me but at the same time I'm happy. Moreover,I'm sad for the reason that I won't see my friends almost everyday. I will miss their company, their laughter, their stories and the way they make me feel I belong. From the first day of my college life until the end, I never felt I'm alone when I'm with them. The moment I became close to them was one of the blessings that I thank the Lord. How God always made me smile whenever I'm with them. He open new doors for me. I never regret the experiences and the moments I encountered in my four years in college. It help me to be a better, stronger and matured one. I'm not perfect, I made mistakes and I may hurt someone. I'm sorry for whatever it is. I will make sure this time, I'll surely make it right.

(daddy, mama myr, clarys, me, mommy, mama, migs)

College taught me a lot of things. I learned to explore the world and be an exciting person. I went out to my comfort zone. I became more adventures compared before. I met new cool astonishing people and I became close to the persons I taught I can't have a conversation with. I learned to travel to some faraway places. I started to enjoy life at its best. My hard work have paid of. Now I'm officially a degree holder at the age of nineteen. Until now, I'm still in disbelief. Everyday I woke up, I'm always telling to myself that I graduated last March 19, 2010, just to help me to sink into my mind.

(tere, ninay, me, aimee, jona)

I'm happy and proud for my job well done. I finished it on time without failing any of my subjects. College is over. Life goes on. Time to start building the dreams. The dreams I have for my family and myself. I'm thankful for my mom without her I can't graduate. She supported my tuition fees without any financial help from anyone. (loveLOVElove) Of Course, a big thanks to my BOYS, they help me to be sane on the craziest time line of my life. To my friends and family,who are there to support me and listen to my non-sense rants. To my blockmates, who are the best blockmates ever ever. One for all, all for one. To JPCS officers, even though it was really chaos and all, they remained understanding.haha To my professors, who I learned a lot from them, they made a good job. They help me realize things I ignored before. To my university, even though guys are instinct and girls are dominant, it's been a cool place to hang out. You are all great. THANK YOU ALL.

(clarys, me ,mama)

My life is just starting...
Dear Boyfriend,

  • DO NOT keep her a secret! The ONLY time this is ever acceptable is from your parents. & That is still to a LIMIT. -Right!
  • Touch her! Not like a hornyass, but hold her hand, cuddle with her, grab her from behind, hold her. Make sure she knows you never want to let go.
  • This one is just common sense. Tell her you love her, & MEAN IT.
  • Don’t be afraid to show her off. If you are, she’ll think you’re just a pussy & the relationship will most likely die.
  • Call her just to say hi. Have deep conversations with her. Talk to her until she falls asleep. Maybe even continue talking to her even when she is asleep. -like
  • Call her Goodmorning & Goodnight. Be the first & last voice she hears every day.
  • Tell her she’s beautiful. COMPLIMENT her. Especially when she’s feeling her worst.
  • SURPRISE her. Don’t be cheap!
  • BE NICE to her family & friends. This is a huge one, guys! -True
  • LISTEN to her vent. She’ll really need it. If she’s pissed off, let her hit you. If she’s sad, give her your shoulder to cry on. If you can’t give her advice, just let her know you’re listening.
  • Be TRUTHFUL. Don’t lie. Be LOYAL. Don’t cheat. Be SINCERE. Don’t be a dick.

(Drabbed it. From the post of someone in my tumblr account)

YEAH. HELL WEEK. CRAMMING. STRESS. Those were the emotions I felt when I thought about the words "THESIS and DEFENSE". I want to cry and to shout. My nerves are killing me. I swear. I am close to dying. Want to know why? For the reason, I'm scared to fail. I want to graduate. I want to finish college on time.

Doing the thesis was very painful. Sleepless nights, forever online and no meals. No dates for valentine's day because we celebrated it with groupmates overnight at Jamie's Crib. We have a deadline to catch. 1st endorsement, 2nd endorsement and dooms day! HAHAHA. But happy to say, we made it to the 2nd endorsement, even though the highest grade will have a ceiling grade of 85%?? Not sure.

Judgment day came. I was full of emotions.(nervous, stomach ache, feeling cold) When it was time to setup the networking, it works! yey! We explained everything in our system. They have a lot of suggestions to add and edit in our system. The moment I heard them uttered the words, "You Passed." I felt a big relieved in my heart. Time to parteeh! Unfortunately, we need to revise our thesis. The party animal within me can wait. Studies have been a huge part of my life I will graduate no one can stop me. =)

Yeah. The best OUT TO GROOVE! First, I will define the OTG, well it is the most awaited Shit of Paulinians. That's right?! An event that all courses have a representative to groove(dance) at the stage of our auditorium. It will be the last moment to watch the event. Guess what happen?! It was full of CRAP! Damn. We haven't bought tickets earlier because they told us it was sold out and there will be another selling of tickets on the day of the OTG. So to be sure, we lined up earlier as the said time. It was all wasted time. Let me explain it with Taglish version...

Ganito yan, 4:30pm yun bentahan daw ng ticket so 3:30pm nakapila na kami with other Paulinians, who also want to watch and support there courses. Kaso nagkalokohan na eh. May sumisingit sa pila, kaya yung iba nagtantrums na, nagwawala na, nagiinarte na. Medyo kasama na ko dun. Who won't be irritated, isang dipa na lang pasok na kami sa audi biglang sabi nila,"Okey hindi na kami magpapasok, close na namin yun door." FTW! Ayan na e. Malapit na pumila pa kami ng ilang oras, 2hours yun with our heels and long sleeves. Aaaarrg! I haven't lost hope. We went to the main door, baka magpapasok. Bigla dumagsa yung ibang tao. So no chance na talaga. Eto pa! It broke my heart to many pieces, kase may iba pang may ticket na hindi pa nakakapasok kaya kausap nila un marshall, andun ako nakikiUsi babaka sakali lang na makaextra sa nagkakagulong tao. Nagsalita na ang marshall, "Sige, ganito na lang. papasukin namin kayo, kaso yung mga walang ticket *sabay tingin sa akin, eye to eye* HINDI NA papasukin." OUCH! sakit mehn. Maiyak-iyak ako nung sinabi nya skin un face to face. Hindi mo naman kailangan pamukha sa akin na wala akong ticket at hindi ako makakapasok di ba. Parang sa akin mo lang talaga sinabi. Wah. Ako lang ba ang tao dun na walang ticket huh? Sarap gerahin eh. I've always looking forward for this event especially now last year na. Kakahiyan talaga mga nagawa namin just to enter this event. Pasilip-silip sa gilid ng audi. Palakad-lakad. Until one of the marshall told us to go to Conference B, free watching kaso live feed lang via camcorder. Naawa na yata sa amin yun kaya sinabi sa amin. No choice, sayang ang pagod at hirap kaya pinatos na namin yun. At least nakapanood kami, kasama pa namin ang ibang contestant. Kewl. One heck of a day! Masaya naman kami. Enjoy. hahaha Kung lam nyo lang, someone was offering me a ticket kaso isa lang. Naiisip ko naman, makakapanood nga ko I'm not with my friends. Corny much. I decline. Good decision na din. =) Ganon ko sila kalove. hahaha Kaya if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends. *spice girls* :))

Afterward, I went to lawton to ride a FX. I arrived around 9pm at home.
*Happy 60th Birthday!*
(white forest cake. yummy!)

Yesterday, "Nanay", the yaya of my sister and our kasambahay, celebrated her 60th birthday. I know she is turning to be one of the golden girls(i mean Old). She is always telling us that by the time she reached the age of sixty, she will retire. She is hard working and very trust-worthy. She is serving us for almost eight years, from the day I entered high school until now that I will be graduating this coming March for college, she is still there giving us the service we need.

Last time she told me that maybe this coming month of May, she will be retiring. She will be going back to Sorsogon or stay at their house at Cubao (i guess). I remembered, she said with tears in her eyes, "Alam nyo napamahal na kayo sa amin, hindi ko na rin kayo tinuring na iba, mamimiss ko kayo pag alis ko." wow! I was shocked with the crying moment. I will surely miss her too. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone like her, even though she is old she still have the strength to clean and cook. I admire her honesty. I never lost a dime coz' there are times that I just left my money somewhere in my room and I will still find them in the place where I left it. If she change her mind, we will still accept her with open arms.


Play this before reading the short dialogue. :)
*Got this from a friend.* enjoy reading.

Your new girlfriend is pretty.
(I bet she stole your heart)

Boy: yeah, she is.
(But you’re still the most beautiful girl I know)

Girl: I heard she’s funny & amazing.
(All the stuff I wasn’t)

Boy: She sure is.
(But she’s nothing compared to you…)

Girl: I bet you know everything about her by now
(Like how you knew just about everything about me)

Boy: Only the stuff that count
(I can’t even remember the stuff she tells me when I think of you)

Girl: Well, I hope you guys last.
(Because we never did)

Boy: I hope we do too.
(Whatever happened to me & you?)

Girl: Well I got to go.
(Before I start to cry)

Boy: Yeah me too.
(I hope I don’t cry)

Girl: Bye.
(I still love you)

Boy: Later.
(I never stopped)

Bittersweet. THE END.